We welcome our latest member iLiketravel, South Africa

Welcome with us our new affiliate member iLiketravel whose motto is:

“iLiketravel programs can get you where you want to go, wherever in the world that is.”

iLiketravel supports the idea of shared cultural experiences that will leave participants feeling more deeply connected with the world. For them, going abroad on an au pair stay or other cultural exchange programme is the best way to transcend the ordinary, and develop an honest new perspective on life.

At iLiketravel they believe in the development and the future of the youth of South Africa. Their team has first-hand experience in how cultural exchange programs, including work and travel programs can improve one’s self confidence, knowledge and business ethics of the world, making these opportunities available to the youth of South Africa remains their goal.

If you are curious to learn more about this organisation and their various programmes – from au pair stays to opportunities in hospitality or agriculture – check out their new website www.iLiketravel.co.za 


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